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Chapter FFADegree Application

As you complete each of the following requirements for the Chapter FFA Degree,

place a check in the box and write the date on the line to the right.

Name: ______________________________ Date Submitted: ______________

Chapter Name: ___________________________________________________________

Date Due: ______________________

Requirement Date Completed



I hold the Greenhand FFA Degree and have completed


Two semesters of agricultural course work. _______________




I have a satisfactory SAE program in operation.



Attach a description of your SAE program.







I have earned and productively invested $150 or worked at


Least 45 unpaid hours outside of class time in an SAE program.


Attach SAE records that illustrate this achievement.







I have effectively led a group discussion for 15 minutes.


When: ______________ Topic: ________________________ ______________




I have demonstrated five procedures of parliamentary law.


List 5 procedures below: ______________

1. ________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________

4. _______________________________________________

5. _______________________________________________




I have shown progress toward individual achievement in the FFA


Award program. (List Awards Below):




I have a satisfactory scholastic record


(List Award GPA) __________________ _____________

Having met these requirements, I hereby submit this application for the Chapter FFA Degree.

____________________________________________________ ______________

Member’s Signature Date



I/We have reviewed this application and certify that the candidate has met the requirements and will

be awarded the FFA Greenhand Degree.

____________________________________________________ ______________

Chapter Leader’s Signature Date

____________________________________________________ ______________

FFA Advisor’s Signature Date

The FFA Chapter Degree will be awarded on ___________________


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